Last Post

A very warm greeting to all of my invisible readers.

I have a very ordinary announcement to make. As you may have guessed from the title, this is going to be my last post ever in this blog and I will never be writing here again. 

So, here’s a farewell to every single one of you here and I hope you liked my mind put into words.


P.S. I will be writing elsewhere

Loves to everyone,



Freaking Out

I am working on my computing project due either this Friday or Monday and I have like 184823754o pages to go and I’m kinda freaking out so much..

Real World

As usual, I’m supposed to be studying but instead I’m blogging. I’m in the middle of my prelim exams which is supposed to prepare me for the actual shit which is in 2 weeks. Time has been going insanely fast and there’s nothing I can do about it. Last week was valentine’s! And I can say that I have the best girlfriend in the world. She’s beyond words. Really un-explainable. So amazing. I could go on but that’s gonna take 4 days so I’ll stop.

School is going to end.. in just one month. And I can actually see everyone growing closer together which will make our goodbyes be even more difficult during graduation. SO not prepared for university life. No applications or whatsoever has been done.

I can’t seem to stop thinking about the fact that school’s finishing. The hole I was contained in for the past 12 years is going to be opened. This is too much to handle now. So many thoughts rushing through my head at the moment so I just had to tell it out. I’m sure about nothing in this world except my girlfriend, never ever have I felt so sure about something like this before.

Take care


Hi peoples of the world. I AM SO PUMPED RIGHT NOW. Currently in my room, playing with a nerf gun. Yes, my nerf gun. I am a nearly 18 year old boy shooting at my pillow. So I decided to give myself a treat by buying a nerf gun and I don’t think I have regretted any minute of my life since I bought that. I constantly threaten the people in my house that I’ll fire but of course I don’t. This is so much fun.

And. I applied for a voluntary job to work for the stage crew of an upcoming play about Jakarta youths and I have to go out of town for my interview. Contemplating so much for this because my friggin exams are just around the corner and I don’t think I would be having time, in spite of the fact that I don’t study. I actually wanted to give away all of my material possessions and meditate to become a monk, but dropped that idea for human needs.

School is ending so soon and the clock is ticking so quickly… So much to think of..

It’s Friday tomorrow so I’m saying this in advance, enjoy your weekend 🙂

Checking in

Hi readers 🙂 here I am again writing for nobody to read. But I like it. Its 2 weeks into 2014 and I can already imagine it to be my year. I have made a vow to myself to actually study properly for my exams and do good this time. For sure. And one more thing, I’m so in love. With this girl who makes me go nuts whenever I see her smile. Lucky for me she’s in my school… and sits beside me. I’m constantly thinking about her and I don’t think I have ever been happier. Probably the opposite of being in the nadir of my life currently. New Years was just incredible with all my favorite people in one room and of course, this girl.

School resumed last week and I just lost a badminton game with probably the stiffest guy in school. Embarrassment. Studies have been very boring as usual and still no change in my loathe in math.

I read the book ‘Paper Towns’ by John Green was highly disappointed by it. The book lacked so much in terms of everything. It had a good start to it but  got draggy as early as chapter 4 or 5. I couldn’t stop reading it because of my rule of never stopping a book halfway. I also read The Hitchikers Guide to The Galaxy and found it so boring. I really don’t understand the book and its comedy. My bad remarks towards this book could be because of how much disinterest I have for sci-fi stuff like I said in my last post.

One thing for sure is that I hope my life stays like this for a very long time. This girl.


Catching fire is probably the worst movie of all time. I tried giving sci-fi fiction movies another shot just to get turned down for the umpteenth time. But watching that movie was undoubtedly the best day of my life. Doesn’t cancel the fact that the movie was utter crap.But, so beautiful.

When Your Thoughts Feel So Heavy

I have come to a conclusion that I only write my posts during my study time, like now, and I always say that a change will be made, like now, BUT IT NEVER HAPPENS. I’m in the middle of reading my literature books for tomorrow’s exam and there’s a small sense of worry in me for going through with this.

Other than my exams going on, my life has been pretty much going back to place with someone who I’ve always admired back in my life and filling the (emptiness)?


I just feel like taking all the time I have in my life and devoting it to things which matter. Because to me, school doesn’t. The reason I’m going is just because I have to and that’s it.


Don’t even know why I’m writing anything. Not even important.